Ororo Munroe was born to an American photojournalist father and an African princess mother, descendant of an ancient line of priestesses. When she was still very young, her parents decided to move to Cairo. Egypt to spare Ororo from the racial hatred that had begun permeating their lives. Years later, when Ororo was six years old, tragedy struck after a plane crashed into her familys home. Ororo was saved after she unknowingly manifested her mutant control over the weather, but her parents were killed and she lay trapped under the rubble with their bodies.The trauma left her with severe claustrophobia.

Ororo taking her mother's ruby and being approach
by local street urchins (Storm vol 2 #1)

Ultimately freed, Ororo wandered the streets of Cairo as an orphan until she encountered a band of street urchins. They took her to meet their master. Achmed elGibar, who began training Ororo as a thief. Soon, Ororo became his prize pupil, excelling in picking both pockets and locks. After picking the pocket of American tourist Charles Xavier, Ororo found herself caught by his mutant psychic powers but escaped after Xavier was confronted by the villainous Shadow King. Ororo continued to excel as a thief, stealing a ruby belonging to the External Candra and unwittingly opposing an attempt to resurrect the etemal mutant Apocalypse after stealing the Opal of Ozymandias.

Ororo thwarting an attempted
rape (UXM #267)

At age 12, Ororo felt a strong compulsion to travel south. In the Sudan, Ororo naively accepted a ride from a truck driver and was forced to kill him after he attempted to rape her. From that moment on, Ororo swore to never take another life.

Ororo with a new band of orphans (Storm vol 2 #1)

In Kenya, Ororo joined another band of young thieves where her skills soon earned her the enmity of fellow thief Zenja. After stealing a camera from a poacher, Ororo was almost caught after Zenja tripped her up; however, she used her mutant powers to escape. The poacher continued to pursue Ororo; however she was saved by TChalla, a young warrior prince of Wakanda. After discovering a mutual attraction, Ororo left the thieves‘ band to travel with him and soon after they consummated their relationship. Following a subsequent encounter with the poacher and his brother, the Bull (Andreas DeRuyter), during which the poacher was killed and the Bull was critically injured, Ororo and T'Challa parted company.

Ororo being approached by Xavier
in a flashback (XXM #36)

Ultimately, Ororo reached her ancestors‘ homeland on the Serengeti Plain where she encountered a Masai tribe who believed her to be a goddess come to save them from a severe drought. Ororo used her powers to bring rain to the tribe, unaware that she had merely redistributed the rain from elsewhere and unwittingly condemned hundreds of animals to death. An elderly trlbal woman named Ainet took Ororo into her care and taught her to be more subtle in the use of her powers. Later, Ororo was forced to oppose the threat of a fellow mutant weather manipulator named Deluge. With the aid of members of the heroic mutant team the X-Men, Deluge was seemingly destroyed and Ororo returned to her life as a tribal patron. Soon after, Ororo was recruited by the X-Men's founder, Professor Charles Xavier, to join a new team of X-Men to help rescue the original members from the monstrous island-being Krakoa. From Xavier, Ororo learned that she was not a goddess but a mutant, and as such she had a responsibility to use her abilities to help the world just as she had helped the local tribes. Curious, Ororo accepted Xaviers offer, and was given the codename “Storm.”


Ororo being acclimatized into society by Jean Grey
(Classic X-men #2)

Initially naive about the customs of the modem world, Ororo was educated in theways of society by her teammate Jean Grey which also helped form a lasting friendship between them. Alongside her teammates, Ororo soon found herself battling such threats as Count Nefaria and the Ani-Men, Kierrok and the N‘Garai, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. During a battle against the giant mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels, Ororo first traveled into outer space and learned that she could control solar winds. She also continued her own personal battle with claustrophobia, but once overcame it to aid her teammates against Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggemaut. After clashes against the likes of Sunstroke, the Imperial Guard, The Inhumans, Nightshade, The Knights of Hykon, Weapon Alpha, and Mesmero, Ororo and the X-Men fought a pitched battle against their nemesis, Magneto, which resulted in Ororo and most of her teammates being stranded in the prehistoric Savage Land in Antarctica. Ororo instantly felt at home in its jungles.

Storm quelling Shaman's blizzard
(UXM #123)

After a clash with Garokk the Petrified Man, she saved the life of extradimensional traveler M’rin. Ororo spent some time in M’rin’s dimension, aiding her in battle against pirates, but ultimately declined an offer to stay, and returned to her own dimension shortly before she had originally left. Rejoining the X-Men, Ororo traveled with them first to Japan, where they aided former teammate Sunfire against the threat of Moses Magnum, then to Canada where they opposed the efforts of local heroes Alpha Flight to arrest her teammate Wolverine. During this encounter, Ororo was forced to tax her abilities to quell a raging blizzard summoned by Alpha Flights Shaman.

Storm meets Kitty Pryde (UXM #129)

After returning to the U.S., Ororo went to visit her former home in Harlem only to find itbeing used as a drug den. Later, Ororo and the X-Men clashed with the reality-warping Proteus. Soon after, Ororo met neophyte mutant Ktty Pryde before the X-Men's battle against the enigmatic Hellfire Club. She welcomed Kitty to the team and began accompanying her to dance classes at Stevie Hunters studio, beginning an almost mother/daughter-like relationship between them. Ororo was captured and humiliated by the telepathic White Queen, Emma Frost, who telepathically probed Ororo for information on the X-Men. When the rest of the team assaulted the building,

Storm being tortured by Emma (UXM #131)

the White Queen got angry and would have left Ororo a brainless vegetable, if not for the intervention of Phoenix. Following the apparent death of Jean and her lover Cyclops' departure from the X-Men, Ororo was chosen as the new team leader. Ororo's past then caught up with her in the form of an assassin hired by the Bull. Reunited with TChalla, now the costumed adventurer the Black Panther, the pair sought out the Bull.


Storm as Rogue-Storm (UXM #147)

After defeating a robot controlled by the Bull via a psychic link, the pair found him dead from the psychic backlash of the robot's defeat and they parted ways again. Ororo's claustrophobia again emerged during the X-Men's encounter with Doctor Doom when he completely encased her in organic chrome. She subconsciously manifested severe storms over a vast area as an expression of her need to be free, and absorbed the energy from them. Such power briefly evolved Ororo to become one with the Earth, and in her rage she sought vengeance on Doom. Calmed by her teammate Colossus,

Storm and Arkon (UXM Annual #5)

Ororo was forced to expend the excess power to disperse the storms she had subconsciously created and she reverted to normal. Later, Ororo and her teammates joined the Fantastic Four in liberating the extradimensional world of Polemachus from an invasion by the alien Badoon. Despite a mutual attraction between herself and Polemachus ruler Arkon, both realized that neither could leave their duties for the other and they amicably parted ways. Soon after, Ororo was bitten by the vampire lord Dracula, but her will proved equal to his own and she convinced him to relinquish his control over her.

Storm countering Blitzkrieg's
lightning (Contest Of Champions #3)

After another adventure In the Savage Land, Ororo became involved in a ‘contest of champions" between the Grandmaster and Death herself. Forced to participate as one of Death‘s champions, Ororo found herself battling a fellow lightning wielder in the German hero

Storm meeting her older self
(UXM #160)

Blitzkrieg, whom she defeated easily. When Colossus’ sister, Illyana, was kidnapped to the other-dimensional Limbo by the dark magician Belasco, the X-Men followed. There, they met alternate, older X-Men from another timeline. Ororo came face to face with an elderly version of herself, whose mutant powers had waned with age. However, she had instead turned to the other side of her heritage and became a powerful sorceress, who challenged Belasco's rule over Limbo. Dracula then returned and targeted Ororo once more, but the vampire lord was seemingly destroyed by his nemesis, Rachel van Helsing. Subsequently, Ororo and her teammates were captured by the insectoid alien Brood and implanted with eggs that would transform them into Brood. Detecting the alien life within her, Ororo opted to commit suicide rather than become Brood. Channeling all of the surrounding stellar energy of a nearby galactic core into herself, Ororo destroyed the Brood embryo but was left drifting unprotected through space.

She was saved by the Acanti, a race of giant whale-like aliens that had been enslaved by the Brood.

Storm being saved by the Acanti (UXM #166)

She was mentally and physically bonded with the Acantis young leader, their Prophetsinger, while it healed her damaged body. After reuniting with her X-Men teammates, they liberated the Prophetsingers soul from the Brood homeworld, destroying the planet. Ororo was restored to her own body by the Acanti and returned home with her teammates to find Xavier host to a Brood Queen. Ultimately,

Storm's powers malfunction (UXM #168)

Xavier was saved after his mind was transferred into a cloned body. Soon after their return to Earth, Ororo powers had malfunctioned after realizing that her bond with the planet had been severed. She eventually restored her rapport after visiting her plants in their new home in The Bronx Botanical Gardens, that was once accompanied in her attic garden in the Xavier Institute.



Storm dramatically alters
her appearance (UXM #173)

Shortly thereafter, Ororo and the X-Men sought to rescue their former teammate Angel from the underground community of mutant Morlocks. Ororo challenged the Morlocks leader Callisto to a duel and, after besting her, became the Morlocks' new leader. When the X-Men later went to Japan to attend Wolverine‘s wedding to Mariko Yashida, Ororo encountered the ronin Yukio and aided her in opposing the Viper and Silver Samurai. Ororo and Yukio became fast friends, and Yukio's carefree spirit sparked a rebellious change ln Ororo‘s attitude towards life. She radically changed her appearance, shaving her hair into a Mohawk and wearing black leather. Later, Ororo was among those of Earth's heroes who were abducted by the omnipotent Beyonder and forced to battle a cadre of villains on the newly created Battleworld. When Rogue, the team’s most recent addition, who was going through a difficult phase, was chased by governmental agents because of a mistaken murder charge, Ororo followed her to Mississippi, intending to help.


Storm's powers are neutralized (UXM #185)

To show Rogue that her mutant power was not only a curse, Ororo voluntary let her absorb her power. Amazed by the way Ororo saw the world in energy patterns, Rogue was tempted to permanently absorb the weather abilities; but resisted, not wanting to betray the trust placed in her. Tragedy ensued when, suddenly, the federal agents tracked them down. Ororo tried to save Rogue from their pursuers, but was hit by the blast instead. The weapon used was a newly-built untested Neutralizer that instantly banished all superpowers. Ororo was saved from drowning in the Mississippi River by the gun’s inventor Forge, who hadn’t meant for this to happen. During her convalescence at Forges home in Dallas, Ororo and Forge quickly fell in love; however, after Ororo learned of his involvement with the Neutralizer, she felt betrayed and left him.



Storm see's a vision of her
mother (UXM #189)

She subsequently decided to leave the X-Men and return to Africa where she ultimately came to terms with the loss of her mutant powers. Returning to Cairo, Ororo aided Xaviers team of young New Mutants In opposing the

Storm as a Thunder
Goddess (UXM Annual #9)

Shadow King before they were transported to the other dimensional realm of Asgard by the trickster god Loki who sought to use Ororo in one of his schemes to discredit his half-brother, the thunder god Thor. Loki tempted Ororo into becoming the goddess of thunder, but with the aid of the X-Men Ororo rejected Loki and they were subsequently returned home. Rejoining the X-Men, Ororo learned that Magneto had been appointed headmaster of the school by Xavier. She challenged Cyclops to a duel for leadership of the team, and despite being powerless she won. Ororo had proven to be a more capable leader at the time due to Scott's heart not being with the X-men.


Calisto whips Storm back into shape (UXM #212)

When several of her teammates were critically injured during the X-Men's efforts to oppose the Marauders’ attack on the Morlocks, Ororo began to second-guess her ability to lead the team, but was convinced to resume her duties by Callisto. After gaining new team members inPsylocke and Dazzler, Ororo and Magneto jointly decided to combat the growing threats against mutants by forming a temporary alliance with the Hellfire Club that saw them share the position of White King. The alliance was short-lived, however, after Ororo decided

Storm praises the return of
her powers (UXM #226)

that to better protect their friends and families the X-Men must fake their deaths and become an underground proactive strike force. To better realize this new direction, Ororo hoped to restore her powers and sought out Forge. She encountered his old mentor Nazé instead, unaware that Nazé had been corrupted by the ancient evil known as the Adversary.

Through Nazé, the Adversary tricked Ororo into attempting to kill Forge and subsequently trapped them both on another Earth. Ororo and Forge spent a year there, during which time they made peace and resumed their relationship. Using components from his own cybernetic leg, Forge created a device that restored Ororo's powers, which she used to energize a portal back to Earth. Arriving shortly after they left, Ororo and Forge were captured by the Adversary but were soon freed by the X-Men. Forge was forced to use the X-Men's souls to imprison the Adversary; however, they were restored by the Omniversal Guardian Roma. With the world believing the X-Men dead, Ororo relocated the team to outback Australia where they defeated the cyborg Reavers and usurped the Reavers’ town as their own base of operations.


Storm reunited with her best friend Jean (UXM #242)

From there, with the aid of the warp portal-generating aboriginal Gateway, Ororo and the X-Men set about striking at their foes, beginning with the Brood's agents on Earth. Ororo and the X-Men were later caught up in an attempted demonic invasion of Manhattan during which they were reunited with the original X-Men (including Jean) who were operating as X-Factor. Ororo was subsequently one of seven superpowered women briefly brainwashed by the Deviant Ghaur into acting as a bride of the serpent god Set whose retum to the Earthly plane was ultimately thwarted by a gathering of heroes. Soon after, Ororo was captured by the crazed scientist

Storm being reduced to a teenager (UXM #267)

Nanny who sought to use Ororo's abilities in her quest to "liberate" the world's super-powered children. Nanny used her technology to de-age Ororo to her pre-teens, rendered her amnesiac, and utilized a life model decoy to make Ororo's teammates believe she had died in a faked crash. However, Ororo resisted and overloaded Nanny's technology.


Storm fleeing from the Shadow King (UXM #255)

Escaping, Ororo instinctively returned to her former thieving ways but soon found herself targeted by the Shadow King. Saved by a fellow mutant thief named Gambit, the pair formed a partnership until a subsequent encounter with Nanny restored Ororo's memories and she took Gambit to meet the X-Men, unaware that the team had been fragmented.Reunited with Banshee and Forge, the foursome joined the New Mutants,

Storm restoring her body to an adult (UXM #272)

X-Factor and the Fantastic Four in opposing the future mutant hunter Ahab before Ororo and the New Mutants were captured by Genoshan Magistrates. Ororo underwent transformation by the Genegineer into a mutate; however, the Genegineer was secretly opposing Genosha‘s new ruler Cameron Hodge, and he arranged for Ororo to regain her adulthood and full powers. After defeating Hodge, Ororo and her teammates returned home in time to aid their former foe Deathbird in opposing an attempted takeover of the Shi'ar Empire by Warskrulls during which they were reunited with Xavier.


Storm and her Gold Team (X-men vol 1 #1)

Returning home with him, Ororo and the X-Men soon joined X-Factor in opposing the Shadow King on Muir Island. Subsequently, the two groups were amalgamated into a new X-Men group comprising two separate strike teams. Ororo was appointed leader of the Gold team, while Cyclops led the Blue team. After the time-displaced Bishop was appointed as an X-Man by Xavier, Ororo was tasked with helping him acclimatize to life in modem society. Soon, Ororo was confronted by Forge over their stalled relationship, and was surprised when Forge proposed marriage to her.

Forge takes back his proposal (UXM #290)

She ultimately decided to accept, but Forge had been left thinking Ororo didn't truly love him and so he left before she could respond with her acceptance. Devastated, Ororo nonetheless remained with the X-Men and soon witnessed both the apparent death of the Morlocks at the hands of their new leader, Mikhail Rasputin, and an attempted assassination of Xavier by the future despot Stryfe.

Storm meets the Goddess (Infinity Crusade #2)

Ororo was later amongst those of Earth's religious heroes who were briefly brainwashed into serving the Goddess to aid in her attempt to purify the universe. Ororo and Forge eventually reconciled their differences and once again attempted a relationship, though their duties with the X-Men and X-Factor respectively afforded them precious little time together. Subsequently, Ororo was invited to act as maid of honor at Jean and Cyclops’ wedding. After an attempt by Shinobi Shaw to forcibly recruit her back into the Hellfire Club, Ororo learned that her former teacher Achmed el-Gibar was dying and returned to Cairo to bid him farewell.

Achmed elGibar bids his farewell to Ororo (XU #7)

There, she opposed Candra's efforts to claim another orphan mutant thief, Karima. After defeating Candra in a duel, Ororo was tasked with training Karima as el-Gibar‘s successor. Much later, Ororo was confronted by the return of the Morlocks as Gene Nation, and was forced to seemingly kill their leader, Marrow, to prevent her from massacring humans. Ororo was subsequently abducted to the alternate dimension known as ‘The Hill" where she learned the Moriocks were still alive. After defeating Mikhail, Ororo helped relocate the Gene Nationals to Africa.

The X-men arriving to aid Storm
(Storm vol 1 #4)

Following Operation: Zero Tolerance's attack on the X-Men, Ororo was confronted by her former foe Marrow who had come to join the X-Men, and eventually they made peace. Subsequently, Ororo was involved in another Contest of Champions that had been orchestrated by the Brood, in an attempt to gain the powers from the strongest of the earth's heroes. Ororo was pitted against both the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, whom she defeated easily; and Thor, which she lost after he'd taken her breath away with a kiss. The Brood Queen also at one point, thought of exacting her revenge on Ororo and the Acanti's Prophet-Singer after their previous encounter in space. Ororo led a team of heroes to the Brood's starship during their encounter where the Brood had been defeated. Much later, the eternal mutant Apocalypse made a bid for power by gathering together the Twelve, a group of mutants prophesied to usher in a golden age for their kind that counted Ororo amongst their number. Apocalypse was defeated, but not before the ultimate extent of Ororo’s mutant power was revealed in an alternate future wherein she had evolved into a wholly elemental being. Subsequently, Ororo was summoned to Wakanda by the Black Panther and aided him in opposing Ghaur.

Storm in an Elemental form (X-men vol 2 #98)

Following the death of the X-Men's ally Moira MacTaggert, Ororo formed a splinter group of X-Men to seek out the diaries of the blind mutant seer Destiny to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. When her team visited Australia to help clear Gambit's name after he was implicated in the murder of an Australian crimelord, Ororo encountered mutant siblings Heather and Davis Cameron and found herself attracted to Davis.

Subsequently, Ororo's team opposed an attempted invasion of Earth by the lnterdimensional warlord Khan. Ororo was seriously injured by Madripoor‘s ruling crimelord Viper and was captured by Khan, who sought to make her his bride. Ororo resisted him, and ultimately helped her teammates defeat the invasion force. During her recuperation, Ororo and her team were

Storm fighting Khan (XXM #15)

asked to rejoin the X-Men but she declined, believing there was still work for her team to do. Ororo was later in a conflict with the now heroin Emma Frost, who was sanctioned at the Xavier institute at the time. They were eventually able to put aside their past issues and work together to solve the mystery of the 14 year-old, mutant teleporter, Jeffrey Garret’s murders. During a meeting of world leaders discussing the mutant situation, Ororo and her team became an officially-sanctioned global mutant police force, the X-Treme Sanctions Executive. Subsequently, Ororo met up once again with her good friend Yukio in Tokyo, where they eventually got involved in a gladiator style mutant fighting arena being run by an Arena network, where they encountered an altered Masque, who was posing as a woman. He was eventually defeated when Ororo teamed up with Callisto, who was one of Masque's slaves. Ororo and her team then aided the X-Men in helping rebuild Manhattan following an attack by a mutant impersonating Magneto, and the death of her best friend Jean Grey. They stayed on to continue their new role with the X-Men.


Storm and Rachel Grey merge their minds to
quell a hyperstorm (UXM #459)

With the XSE, Ororo and her teammates opposed such threats as the Weaponeers and the extradimensional Fury, as well as aiding the Hellfire Club against an attack by rogue member Donald Pierce. Ororo was captured by the saurian Hauk'ka who amplified her powers with the intent of creating a global hyper-storm to destroy human civilization, but she was freed by her teammate Rachel. Later, Ororo accompanied Havok‘s X-Men team to Africa to investigate animal mutations.

Storm and Black Panther
(BP Vol 2 #26)

Alongside the Black Panther, Ororo and the X-Men opposed Genoshan scientist Doctor Paine and the Russian criminal the Red Ghost, after which Ororo opted to leave the X-Men and remain in Africa. Following the restoration of reality after it was warped by the Scarlet Witch, the majority of the world's mutants lost their powers and Ororo sought to safeguard those mutants remaining in Africa. During her efforts, Ororo was proposed to by the Black Panther.

Storm contemplates her proposal
(X-men Annual Vol 2 #1)

Returning to Wakanda with him, Ororo met his mother and, while contemplating TChalla's proposal, learned that her uncle Shetani was responsible for the attacks on African mutants. After confronting him, Ororo met her maternal grandmother and learned more of her family's history. She also met her paternal grandparents. Subsequently, she accepted T'Challa's proposal and the pair were married in Wakanda. After their honeymoon, the royal couple embarked on a world tour, meeting with global leaders such as Doctor Doom and Namor the Sub-Mariner before deciding to form a global alliance to oppose

Storm meets her maternal Grandmother
(X-men Annual Vol 2 #1)

the U.S. Superhuman Registration Act. Arriving in the U.S., T'Challa and Ororo sought a meeting with the President; however, Ororo was required to register as a superhuman before the meeting could proceed. Refusing, Ororo was subsequently targeted for arrest, and alongside her husband opposed Sentinels and Iron Man sent to apprehend her. After Iron Man stood down, Ororo and TChalla opted to remain in the U.S. on a fact-finding mission prior to taking action against the Registration Act.


Storm and T'Challa's Wedding (BP vol 4 #18)


After the conclusion of the Civil War, Ororo and her husband T'Challa stayed at the Baxtor building while Sue and Reed Richard reconciled their relationship. They also became temporary members of the Fantastic Four, which at that point had

Storm prepares her attack for
Silver Surfer (FF #545)

granted Ororo a tremendous amount of political power. She had now become a Head of State, a temporary Fantastic Four, and an X-men. During her adventures with the Fantastic Four she encountered many threats, such as the cosmic heralds Silver Surfer and Stardust, as well as their master Galactus. During which time Ororo acted as a life support for the dying Eterniy when Doctor Strange placed his essence into her mind to perform surgery. Ororo had become one with the universe itself for a brief period after being merged with the cosmic essence. In other adventures,

Storm housing Eternity (FF #550)

Ororo had been transported to several different alternate dimensions by King Solomon's Golden Toads. She encountered zombies of her friends from other dimensions and at one point was teleported to a skrull world that had mimicked the earth in the 1930s. Ororo became friends with both a skrull version of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X when she returned to a replica of her birthplace and her father's homeland in Harlem.


Storm bestows her political power
(UXM #487)

When Ororo returned to her home planet, she was called in by Xavier to help out with a morlock situation. Ororo took a team of mutants into the sewers to investigate and was eventually able to foil Masque's plans to utilize a mutant prophet's bible that would get Magneto to resurface. Ororo then quit the Fantastic Four when Sue and Reed returned and went home to Wakanda with her husband;

Bast consumes the Shadow King (X-men: Worlds Apart #4)

Where they subsequently defended it from a Skrull invasion. Subsequently, it had become apparent that Ororo was being pulled between her duties as an X-man and a Queen of Wakanda.

The Shadow King returned to prey upon these doubts by forcing her to work to defend both the X-men and Wakanda in an attempt to conquer Ororo once again. He was unsuccessful after Ororo made a deal with the Panther God Bast to eat the Shadow King when he invaded her mind. At this point Ororo had reassured herself that she could do both duties at the same time if need be.

Storm strikes down future Sentinels
(X-men Legacy #237)

Ororo aided the X-men again when Kaga vowed to kill them, using bio-Sentinels of mixed X-Men friends and enemies out of jealousy that they could appear normal with their mutations and he could not. Ororo battled the Hellfire Cult, the Red Queen's Sisterhood of Mutants, and relocated on Utopia with the X-Men. After setting up on Utopia, Ororo and Iceman were responsible for the clean drinking water for all of the mutant population. After the return of the mutant messiah, Hope Summers, and Cable to the mainstream timeline, Bastion and his members of the Human Council attacked her tirelessly and Nightcrawler was killed returning her to Utopia. After Ororo attended Kurt's funeral, Bastion systematically eliminated all of the teleporters, except Pixie, from the X-Men's ranks and had Donald Pierce destroy all transportation off the island. Bastion then encased the island and much of the San Francisco Bay Area in an impenetrable dome. At the center of the dome, Bastion opened a time portal to his own time where sentinels ruled and mutants were extinct and sent a beacon to a Master Mold Sentinel to send an endless wave of Nimrods. Bastion was later destroyed.

Storm grieves to Laura about Kurt
(X-23: Vol 3 #1)

Subsequently, Ororo discovers that Cyclops had formed a Black Ops assassin team called X-force, which had left her outraged. Ororo has a discussion with Wolverine about Nightcrawler and Logan’s involvement in X-Force. Moved by Ororo’s concerns, Logan tells Laura Kinney, also known as X-23 that she’s off X-Force, after which Cyclops and Wolverine agree to dissolve the X-force team entirely.

Storm encourages Laura (X-23: Vol 3 #3)

Ororo grows closer to Laura and they soon become friends with one another. Subsequently, Ororo grows concerned for her after witnessing strange occurrences and asks Gambit to look out for her when he can.

When Laura is overcome by the guilt of her work in X-force, she decides to leave Utopia to once again find herself. Before leaving, she is approached by Ororo and encouraged to make her own life and know that she will be there for her when she needs her.

Storm as the asgardian Thunder Goddess once
more (X-men: to Serve and Protect #3)

Much later, Thor paid Ororo a visit in Wakanda. He had planned to return an item to her that he found in Loki's possession after his death. Unaware of Ororo's previous history with the artifact in the box, Ororo grabbed the hammer which she had named "Stormcaster" and transformed into a power hungry asgardian thunder goddess once again. The two fought briefly before Thor was able to bring her back to her senses. The hammer was subsequently destroyed after Ororo took control over Thor's hammer and destroyed Stormcaster with it. Ororo later fought with the X-Men against the Vampires that had invaded San Francisco and as asked by Cyclops to aide Warren, after Lobe unleashed his mutant plague on

Storm leads a charge (UXM #533)

Utopia, Ororo and Warren's small group, consisting of Northstar, Dazzler, and Pixie, safe-guarded San Francisco. The team defeated the Collective Man and captured Lobe's imitation X-Men. Ororo and Gambit were then asked to steal the body of the Vampire King Dracula from his island by Cyclops. They were able to do so with the aid of Dracula's first son, Janus; but Ororo was subsequently forced to kill a group of innocents that were being fed from a tube by comatose vampires. They had been generating a stasis field to prevent the X-men from teleporting into the island and was unable to do anything else. Though the innocents would have died regardless, Ororo expressed extreme concern to Gambit after killing them in order to complete their mission, and described that it may be too much for her to bare if she was forced to cross that line again.


Storm encounters Death itself
(BP vol 5 #4)

Not long after, her husband was attacked by Doom and fatally injured to near death. Ororo had willingly tried to trade her own life to restore T'Challa's by fighting Death itself on a ghostly plain. Shuri, T'Challa's sister, was able to trick Morlunn into taking his place instead and Ororo and her husband were let go. During his recovery, Ororo had relinquished her duties as Queen to the now new Black Panther, Shuri. T'Challa however grew more distant from his wife and had subsequently been working behind the scenes to discover a way to stop Doom before he could complete his plan. During this time, Doom had placed a curse on the crops of Wakanda and manipulated

Storm unleashing her fury on a vibranium
armoured Doombot (Doomwar #5)

an undercover group of Wakandans called the Desturi into placing the blame on Ororo and setting her up to be imprisoned. The Desturi eventually overruled Wakanda's government and had allowed Doom to enter Wakanda to retrieve it's Vibranium. Ororo was forced by Doom to break into the Wakandan vault and he eventually escaped with the Vibranium; but his plans in using it to take over the world was thwarted by Ororo, The X-men, The Fantastic Four, T'Challa, Shuri, and the Dora Milaje and Wakanda was won back from the Desturi.


Storm and her husband pursue Kraven
(BP: TMWF #520)

T'Challa relinquished his throne at the conclusion of Doomwar. He left his homeland and took Daredevil's place as the new protector of Hell's Kitchen. He asked Ororo for some distance so that he could recover his honor after what Doom had done, and Ororo agreed for them to take time apart from one another. It didn't last long when Ororo caught wind of T'Challa falling to his death in a fight against Kraven on an internet stream. Ororo broke her word and had Pixie teleport her there to save her husband. They eventually worked together to take down Kraven and save a boy, Brian, who was the reason T'Challa and Kraven had come into conflict. Cyclops appointed Ororo as leader of the security team, which consisted of Psylocke, Warpath, Jubilee, Domino and Colossus. This team was responsible for security threats that the main X-Team was unable to deal with. Ororo first encountered War Machine, where they subsequently fought before teaming together to halt a fleet of Sentinels.


Storm generating a localized Cat 5 hurricane
on a fleet of Sentinels (X-Men vol 3 #23)

Ororo's powerful localized hurricane and the aid of her teammates and War Machine proved sufficient enough to shut them down. Jubilee subsequently went missing during the mission and Ororo continued restlessly in search for her until it was discovered that she had joined a group of Vampires called The Forgiven. After a tussle, Jubilee convinced Ororo that the Forgiven could help her cope with her Vampirism and she stayed behind with them. Ororo continued to do missions with her Security Team consisting of Psylocke, Domino, Pixie and Colossus in order to investigate mysterious sightings of monsters across the globe called Proto-Mutants. A previously unknown

Scott convincing Storm to stay on
his team (X-Men: Regenesis #1)

pecies that predates the mutants of today. After a schism split the X-Men into two separate factions, Ororo had opted to leave Utopia and move back to Westchester in order to restart Xavier's school. Cyclops had convinced her to stay as he believed she was the only one who could keep the ex-villains from going back into a dark path. Ororo accepted his offer to join his new X-tinction team as their second in overall command.



Storm attempting to reason with the Phalanx (UXM vol 2 #4)


Storm arriving at the Avengers
mansion (Avengers vol 4 #19)

The X-tinction team has taken on Sinister, the Phalanx and battled the "Bad Apex" in Tabula Rasa, where Ororo ended the conflict by making the Apex see the error of his ways. Ororo then joined the Avengers after her husband referred Captain America to her, due his lack of “big guns” on his new team. The new Avengers team had now consisted of Ororo, Captain America, Iron Man, Red Hulk, The Protector, Spider Woman, Hawkeye, Quake and Vision. The new team had taken on the likes of Osborn and his H.A.M.M.E.R. The team also went on to defeat another faction of AIM. With the anticipated return of the potentially world ending threat of the Phoenix Force, the Avengers organized and planned an attack to attempt to defeat the Phoenix and take it's intended host, Hope, into protective custody. Believing that the Phoenix Force could reboot the mutant species, Cyclops has the X-Men fight the Avengers to keep Hope with them, putting Ororo in a difficult position of having to choose sides.


Storm confronts her husband (Avx #2)

Though she sided with the X-Men at the start of the conflict, Ororo found her husband, and asked that he help her find a way to end the conflict, but T'Challa refused and accused her of not warning him about Hope and the Phoenix force returning to her. Ororo replied that his pigheaded stubborness is the reason the couple were in marriage counseling. As the conflict escalated, a small team of X-Men traveled to Wakanda in an

Storm tosses her wedding (Avx Vs #5)

effort to locate Hope, and encountered a team of Avengers, which included the Black Panther. Both he and Ororo engaged each other in combat. At the climax of their fight, after being angered by T'Challa actually having a contingency plan in place to combat his own wife, Ororo told T'Challa he was a terrible husband and threw her wedding ring to the ground. It is revealed later that the Black Panther, after a Phoenix empowered Namor attacked and almost destroyed Wakanda, has annulled his marriage to Ororo. Despite this, Ororo, still assisted the Avengers with rescuing their captured teammates, who were imprisoned by the Phoenix imbued Colossus and Magik. She later witnessed the Death of Xavier by the hands of a Phoenix powered Cyclops after turning against him and his Phoenix five and siding with the Avengers.